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IPANA Announces Addition to Mission Statement

The Industrial Packaging Alliance of North America (IPANA), the leading organization for the manufacturers of new industrial packaging and their suppliers in North America, announced an addition to its mission statement. The update aims to better characterize the commitment of its member companies to developing sustainable products.

“Sustainability is as important for the packaging process as it is for the final product,” said Kyle Stavig, chairman of IPANA and CEO of Myers Container LLC, General Steel Drum LLC, Container Management Services LLC, and North Coast Container LLC. “Our products are designed to be recycled, reused or reconditioned, and we realized we needed to enhance our mission statement to show that we are as committed as ever to educating the public and the industry about our products.”

Below is the addition to the mission statement:

Promote the use of industrial packaging that is designed to be effective and safe throughout its lifecycle while meeting the market requirements for performance and cost. Once used, the packaging is recycled or reconditioned for reuse, reducing its environmental impact and promoting a circular economy.

To view IPANA’s entire mission statement, click here.