September/October 2018

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Plan ahead for the Spring 2019 IPANA Conference in Napa Valley, California. The meeting will be held April 29 – May 1 in the legendary Napa Valley, California. The Meritage Resort and Spa will be the location and Roland Strassberger, CEO of Schuetz Container has agreed to deliver the keynote address. The Industrial Steel Drum Institute will also celebrate its 75th anniversary with a special reception on the top of the vineyard! Members should have received an email with the preliminary schedule and hotel reservation link for those wishing to extend their stay. Please contact the IPANA office if you have any questions or need assistance.

The Industrial Steel Drum Institute has produced a new video as part of the TRANSCAER® Seconds Count Video Series. The new video is a 90-second animation aimed at educating first responders in communities near transportation routes on the basics of steel drums and fusible plugs. The TRANSCAER® video series contains several short videos focused on safety during transportation and can be accessed here.

The Industrial Steel Drum Institute has launched a new training tool in conjunction with TRANSCAER®. This webinar is aimed at educating first responders in communities near transportation routes about the basics of steel drums and fusible plugs. The webinars will livestream on October 4, 2018, from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. EDT, as well as on December 13, 2018 at the same time. The webinar presentation will be led by Chris Lind, former director of technology and regulatory affairs at Mauser USA LLC. During the webinar, Lind will teach participants about the performance standards of steel drums, their capabilities when being stored or shipped, and how to identify their contents.

“Understanding the basics of an industrial container – such as steel drums – when dealing with potentially hazardous or flammable materials, allows first responders to safely, quickly and effectively manage a situation,” said Keith Silverman, chairman of the National TRANSCAER Task Group and vice president global operations, quality and EHS at Ashland. “This webinar is another tool this community can use to stay prepared.” Though targeted to first responders, participation in the webinar is open to everyone. For more information, or to register for the December event, click here.

The Rigid Intermediate Bulk Container Association (RIBCA) has reformatted their educational tool entitled, “Transit Protection for IBCs”. This tool contains useful tips on proper load securement when transporting IBCs including blocking and bracing to prevent damage during shipment via highway, rail and vessel. According to a recent analysis of DOT incident reports conducted by IPANA, improper preparation for transport and forklift damage are two of the leading causes of failure during transportation.

General Steel Drum has acquired North Coast Container, based in Cleveland, Ohio. The acquisition adds a fourth company to the portfolio owned by the Stavig family, joining Myers Container and Container Management Services, and gives them a foothold in the Midwest. “We are pleased to be joining forces with the Beardsley family who have built a formidable business since its inception in 1983,” states Kyle Stavig, CEO of General Steel Drum. “The Beardsley and Stavig families have been friends for generations. This transaction is good for North Coast, good for our customers, and good for the Stavigs’ container businesses that, collectively, now have the ability to service customers across the country.” Jim Beardsley will remain as senior executive vice-president of North Coast Container.

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Regulatory Updates

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has introduced a new character, ‘HazMatt’ and media campaign entitled “Check the Box” designed to help ‘reach the unreached’ who are unaware that they are shipping hazardous materials. Speaking at a recent Labelmaster symposium, PHMSA’s Shane Kelley explained that all the modal agencies under DOT are working together to get the message out as widely as possible, particularly to those that do not normally receive the hazmat message. The project is ongoing and you can follow by clicking

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is seeking comment on possible changes to the agency’s controversial hours-of-service rule (HOS). Comments are sought regarding how to increase driver or workday time in adverse driving conditions as well as revising the current mandatory 30-minute driver break after eight hours of continuous driving.

In a telephone news conference, FMCSA Administrator Ray Martinez said, “The advance notice of proposed rulemaking consists of a series of questions asking stakeholders to comment on the proposal, but does not guarantee the changes would be included in any further agency actions.” Stakeholders are also interested in seeking changes to the Electronic Logging Device Rule (ELD). However, it is unlikely FMCSA will address this rule that went into full enforcement on April 1, 2018.

Recently, the Department of Labor’s (DOL) Office of Inspector General issued a report that recommended OSHA improve its guidance on fatality and severe injury reporting. The former OSHA Assistant Secretary asked for this report since it was suspected that more than 50 percent of severe injuries went unreported. The OIG found that a lack of guidance and training on how to detect and prevent under reporting and inconsistent issuance of citations for late reporting are contributing factors. The OIG report recommends that OSHA “(1) develop guidance and train staff on identifying under reporting, (2) issue citations for late reporters, (3) clarify guidance, and (4) conduct inspections on all Category 1 incidents.” Implementation of these recommendations is optional, not mandatory.

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The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Conflict Minerals rule was initiated during the Obama administration but has been reined back by the Trump Administration. The rule requires publicly-held companies to file a specialized disclosure report if they manufacture, or contract to have manufactured, products that contain conflict minerals. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently released a report that concluded companies continue to have difficultly complying with the conflict minerals rule. According to the GAO report only 37 percent of the companies were able to determine that their conflict minerals came from covered countries or from scrap or recycled sources. The guidance issued by the SEC in 2017 remains in place and indicate the SEC will not recommend enforcement action if companies did not report on specified due diligence disclosure requirements.

Addressing concerns about sustainability, Adam Gendell, Associate Director of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, wrote “Any company that wants to reduce its carbon footprint, address water consumption, or anything else –you’re not going to be able to get the tremendous gains without at least doing something about packaging. No one’s going to solve all of our environmental issues by just looking at packaging, but at the same time, no one’s going to be able to solve all of our environmental issues without including packaging.” You can view the article, “Beyond the polybag: New ideas in packaging sustainability,” from SNEWS by clicking here. At our Fall conference in Houston, IPANA members will be discussing revising IPANA’s mission statement to include sustainability.

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People, Places & Things

John Heneghan has stepped down as “Acting” Deputy Associate Administrator for Field Operations at PHMSA. He has returned to the Atlanta office as Region Director for the Southern Region office of the OHMS. In his place, Bernetta Collins of the Federal Highway Administration is the “Acting” Deputy Associate Administrator for Field Operations.

OSHA Website to Feature Safety Tip of the Week Starting Sept. 24. Every Monday, beginning on Sept. 24, OSHA’s homepage will feature a brief safety tip to help employers and workers prevent workplace injuries and illnesses. Each tip will link to educational and training resources.

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